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This is too true not to share.  It made me think about all the books sitting on my shelves at home, and the 50 something boxes of medical and other books that my dad has in storage.

But every time I see a new book, an old book I’ve read or even one that I like, I feel like I want to buy the real paper copy of it.  An e-book or Kindle one won’t do. Do you ever feel like that?

So why is it that we are so compelled to obtain books? What is the value of having so many books in our possession?

Are they a material confirmation of our literary journey, depth of knowledge or experience?  Does it suggest that one is more educated if one has more books? Or is there something that is just magical about the book itself, the printed words, the pages, the cover, the connection you have touching these as the content magically transfers to you? Do they bring back nostalgia of things we’ve read or experienced in our past? Representations of what we hope for in the future?

Maybe all of the above, maybe it’s just that books are really great!

So go get some books!

Some great sites are:

The Book Depository (free shipping everywhere)

Books Direct Online (gives reviews and tries to find the best sites to buy them.  You can even submit your own review for them to publish!)

BetterWorldBooks (everytime you buy a book they donate a book to someone who can’t buy one to promote literacy around the world)

Mrs. Dorcas Tirhas


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