My Grandfather by Jerome Wang

The Year 1s have begun their year with poetry.  They were asked to write any poem about anything. Jerome wrote this poem about his Grandfather and at first was too scared to read it. He even said it was “rubbish”.  However, it wasn’t – the class was very touched with the poem. With some changes and careful thought on structure and word choice, his poem was even more touching; a tribute to his Grandfather and the tough time that the family is going through at the moment with his illness.

Poetry is truly a way in which you can explore and express your emotions and share your experiences with others.
Mrs Dorcas Tirhas

My Grandfather By Jerome Wang (R4)

As age takes its toll,
wrinkles start to form.
Yet love, warmth and care
still radiate from him.

Soft tender skin,
that hand that comforts me,
that cares for me,
that loves me,
that teaches me.

Although he is frail,
he finds strength for me.
He makes sure I am fine.

When the sun’s still in bed,
everyday without fail,
he wakes up,
checks on me,
chats with me,
and gives me advice.

Even when tendrils of sleep,
attempts to draw him back,
to wonderland.
Even as age wearies him,
for me, he persists to care,
though sick he may be.

Now, there he lies,
sick and frail,
it is now my turn to take care of him,
as how he did for me.

When heaven calls for him,
my whole world will collapse,
for he is my world.
A blanket of darkness will cover me,
sadness will overwhelm me.
For without him,
everything will be different.

So now, I treasure every minute with him,
for even the biggest and shiniest diamond,
cannot trade for the time,
I have left,
with him.


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